Friday, November 9, 2007

Silencio a murit - Traiasca Noul Silencio

Ok, Silencio nu e inchis de ieri. Sau de alaltaieri. De fapt, sunt ani - vreo 3 de cand Silencio si-a inchis portile. Si odata cu ele s-au auzit in cor suspinele noastre. Am suspinat si oftat dupa wc-ul cu aroma de lamaie. Si dupa pivnita cu baxuri goale si, umbla vorba, cadavre (de ce credeti ca de fiecare data venea alt nenea de la Coca Cola?). Si dupa bestiala lipsa de ventilatie si saunele cubaneze printre care se licarea cate o duzina de mucuri de tigara. Si dupa posterele cu Nick Cave si The Cure. Si dupa longeviva relatie televizor mic si monocrom+seif=love. Si dupa cele 6 mese strambe si mult mult indie, new wave si post punk, si atmosfera geniala si aceleasi persoane over and over again. The good old days. A, si desigur, Piulp! :x

Silencio pare-se a renascut din propria cenusa fara sa renasca din propria cenusa. Daca nu m-ati urmarit pana acum, iata chestiunea: s-a deschis the Loft sau Mansarda lui Jumbo sau whatever, nu importa, ce conteaza e ca e cu si de aceeiasi oameni care au pus si tinut Silencio pe si in picioare (chiar cand ei insisi erau bauti pe sub mese si nicidecum bipezi). Este mai scump, desigur, dar este cu mult The Smiths si Yeah Yeah Yeahs si Kings of Leon ( :x ) si Joy Division si...
Este o mansarda! Oh joyous joy of joys, e o mansarda in toata splendoarea ei bahica, cu mov si negru dar si cu termopan la baie (bleah, bad giugiu - depunctare dl-e Edi!). Si e cu nene care vine la masa si te intreba daca mai vrei ceva, nu ca pe vremuri ( "Piulp! Pune niste Pixies si mai da si tu o cola!"). Si cu scrumiere la fel - si meniu! - si canapele si fotolii si aer conditionat ( semana cu cel sa fie acelasi? sa nu fie?).
Asa ca dati buzna cu duzinele, ca e dragut. Si umpleti cuferele indie a lui nenea Edi ca sa nu mai existe Silencio 3: Intoarcerea lui Silencio Se Intoarce, e muzica buna si lume la fel.
Sa ne vedem p-acolo.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Ticklish already?

Alte lucruri pe care le zice despre mine...
C'mere, boy — in your former life you were a beagle named Scooter who hailed from Allamakee, Iowa. The cutest puppy on the entire farm, you were so adored that the Allamakee High Junior Varsity Basketball team chose you to be their mascot. You absolutely loved the attention — the cheers, the cool purple-and-yellow jersey, and, most of all, the pizza parties after the games. But you fell out of favor when your sister gave birth to Niko, a snot-nosed young pup who became the newest recruit for the JV team's mascot position. As Niko's popularity grew, the team began to neglect you. No longer did they chant your name when they held you over the basket to slam dunk the ball. No more did they make T-shirts with your adorable mug above the "Antonio's Chinese Food" logo.
Then, finally, they fired you when you bit the point guard's mother. After much moping and grieving, you decided to be happy for little Niko. So, armed with
your new contentment, you found it in yourself to support Niko and the JV team — not from the court, but from your new spot in the bleachers.
We don't need a psychic to tell us that you're giving off a Sapphire vibe. People with blue auras feel everything strongly — you tend to get a little emotional at the drop of a hat. You're also deeply spiritual and introspective. Matters of the heart, mind, and soul are important to you, and your waters run as deep as the ocean. Nurturing by nature, you're likely a loving, supportive caretaker. That's why friends, family, and co-workers adore you. They know
you're a good listener and always have great advice and a shoulder for them to cry on. In fact, if we had to find a fault, it's that you can be a tad too self-sacrificing. Remember that it's okay to say no sometimes. You forgive everyone else their weaknesses, so go ahead and forgive yourself for a little well-deserved selfishness. Indulge your creative side and do something artsy, or just take a break from being the world's counselor. You'll come back refreshed and ready for more.
Vlad, the recurrent theme of your dream life is Self-Reliance You're dreaming about situations in which you don't feel ready to take full advantage of life's opportunities. This means that in some area of your life,
you're searching for ways to better prepare and protect yourself on your road to success. Dreams are the stories your unconscious narrates each night as you
Vlad, your Emotional IQ is 115. This number is the result of a formula based on how many questions you answered correctly on Tickle's Emotional IQ test. But your Emotional IQ score is much
more than just a number: it's an indicator of success.
Research has shown that people with high emotional intelligence scores — not necessarily those with the highest IQ scores — tend to be the most valued and productive employees and have the longest and happiest romantic relationships. So, where are you most emotionally smart? Your test results show that your strongest suit is perception — your ability to pick up on what others are feeling.Because of this, you are unusually good at reading people's verbal and non-verbal cues. You're especially aware of the subtleties of people's actions, and can feel out the vibe of a situation better than many. That gives you and edge many wish they had. People with high perception skills like yours, however, tend to rely on them to the exclusion of others. As a result, they sometimes have underdeveloped abilities in other realms of critical emotional intelligence like managing emotions, empathy, and being expressive. To truly excel in life and know how to relate to different people, you need to balance out the different kinds of emotional intelligence.Research indicates that if people who are strong in perception can work to increase their overall emotional IQ score, they can prepare themselves to handle any interpersonal exchange with amazing skill — especially by learning to be empathetic and by being able to express what it is they are feeling or trying to say. And the good news is that people who try to improve their emotional IQ have far greater success than people who try to improve their IQ.
Vlad, you're a Type 2 - The Humanitarian Friends, family, and colleagues probably appreciate your caring and generous nature. They're also apt to know that when they come to you with a problem,
you'll usually offer a shoulder to cry on and unparalleled compassion. As a Humanitarian, you're likely to be seen as a loving and helpful person with a kind heart.Being a member of this type puts you in good company. Mother Teresa, with her tireless devotion to aid the sick and destitute members of society, and Bishop Desmond Tutu, with his emphasis on nonviolent protest against racial injustices, are also Type 2s. This means that compared to the eight other
Enneagram types, you have a strong sense of empathy for other people. In fact, you're the kind of warm, sincere person who can be uniquely capable of seeing the good in others.
Vlad, your most unique quality is that you're unusually Inspirational You inspire others around you with your creative energy and thirst for new experiences. You are exceptionally curious and aren't afraid of learning new
things — which is probably because you tend to focus on the potential positive outcome of any experience rather than dwelling on the potential negatives. You are a true explorer in the word. You want to understand and experience it all, and you're especially open to new feelings and ideas. Compared to others who are open, you are unusually appreciative of art and beauty. Only 2.1% of all test takers have this unique combination of personality strengths. While this
says a lot about you, there is much more to you than this.
Vlad, Freud would say your personality is most affected by events that happened when you were between the ages of three and seven. Relative to others, your personality today is moderately affected by the events of your childhood. This manifests itself in surprising ways. For example, you notice gender more than most other people do. You are also more likely to pay close attention to how gender plays out in relationships.
Vlad, your handwriting reveals that you are Clear-headed Your writing style reflects that you don't get confused easily; instead you manage to keep your wits about you most of the time. Is it your paragraph style, the pressure of your writing, or your left margin that gives you away?
Vlad, you're Muse! Known for your creative powers, you Muses are the poets and musicians of life, the patrons of the fine arts. It's funny, though — even with your inspirational prowess, you're probably not the type to boast about your guitar-strumming skills, or your latest published book of verse.
While it's great when people flock to you for ideas, there probably is a part of you that prefers to blend in sometimes — whether dressing in muted shades or staking out a one-on-one conversation at parties and social events. But try as you might not to hog the spotlight, others can't help but notice you. Must be hard to be such a goddess!
Despite any lingering modesty, you might be surprised at how much your mere presence can help improve the lives of those around you by infusing them with ideas and good thoughts. With that kind of healing energy, your inspirational ways have the potential to change the world, Muse. Whether you're scribbling sonnets, boogying with your friends, or drawing your own constellations — you're tapped in. So keep your eyes wide open to the possibilities and let that
inspiration flow!
Vlad, the shape of your hand reveals that you are especially good at Expressing your true self Based on the signs in your palm, you have much to gain by exploring and declaring who you really are. By putting directed energy toward your self-expression, your efforts will be returned multi-fold.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Tickle me

Iata ce zice despre mine:
Vlad, you're Yoda You are wise beyond your years — a sage for the ages, the master's master. That's why your Star Wars type is Yoda. Sure, you might not look too much like the little green Jedi Master, but you have a quiet contemplative way about you that commands respect.
People trust you, especially your friends who are constantly coming to you for advice and sometimes predictions. While you may not be able to tell them who's going to win the big game, you do possess the rare ability to see the big picture. You never lose sight of the fact that we're all part of a greater whole. It keeps you grounded and balanced, and it's the perfect cover for a mischievous sense of humor that always catches others off-guard. This mix of wisdom and impish delight promises to bring you long life...another thousand years or so anyway.
Vlad, you have an unusually strong psychic talent in the area of Precognition This means you have an uncanny ability to look into the future and anticipate what is going to happen. By knowing something's going to occur, you can even change the outcome of events for the better.
Vlad, our in-depth analysis also shows you have other hidden psychic strengths including retrocognition (the ability to know what has happened in the past), telepathy (the ability to sense people's true thoughts) and clairvoyance (the ability to see the unknown).
Vlad, a Romantic Gesture turns you on Hey there, sweet thing! In affairs of the heart, your pulse pounds at the tender and enchanting moments. While you may not have it all mapped out just yet, the fairytale ending is what you're after and romantic gestures are a sure way to give you butterflies.
It might be sweet notes, a bubble bath for two, a surprise getaway to your favorite B&B, or even just an extra spin around the block listening to your favorite love song. Whatever it is, romantic moments (and the thoughts behind them) turn you on. Sure, brains are important, a sense of humor is attractive, and you never said there was anything wrong with sexy underthings, but it's how your partner expresses their feelings for you that really lights your fire. How romantic!
Vlad, you are Left-brained Most left-brained people like you feel at ease in situations requiring verbal ability, attention to detail, and linear, analytical ability. Whether you know it or not, you are a much stronger written communicator than many, able to get your ideas across better than others.
It's also likely that you are methodical and efficient at many things that you do. You could also be good at math, particularly algebra, which is based on very strict rules that make sense to your logical mind.
Vlad, your vibe is Burgundy Chic You're one class act — the perfect balance of a cool, casual attitude and an elegant, polished style. There's a certain grace in almost everything you do. It's true, you make things look easy — even when they're not.
And while there's nothing flashy about how you present yourself, you never fail to dazzle most people you meet. You tend to take life as it comes — and it's not easy to throw you off course. A strong sense of self and a hearty dose of confidence help you handle whatever comes your way. And usually, look good doing it.
Vlad, Reaching New Heights Exhilarates You Clever and driven, a smarty like you probably feels most invigorated when you're reaching new heights and chasing your dreams. So, it's only natural that your signature scent should be as unforgettable and fabulous as you.
Whether you're aiming for a promotion at work or a mountain summit, you've got a calm, cool, and collected approach to everything you do. Motivated and confident, you're a hard worker who isn't afraid to put in the extra time and energy to achieve your goals. With your great attitude and brains, you're sure to go far. Keep up the good work!
Vlad, your best quality shines through in how Creative you are The fact that you're an inventive and creative person who usually has an abundance of imagination and ideas really draws people to you! But that's not the only thing. Your answers on the test indicate you're a smart person who is more able to understand complex concepts than many other people are. You are an independent person who is usually able to handle things in a self-sufficient manner, too.
In all, there are 15 qualities that help define you when you're at your best. Those are the traits potential employers, friends, and partners look for in you. What makes you unique is your particular distribution of those 15 qualities.
We've found that your particular combination of qualities is rare — only 1 in 10,000 people share the same general mix of traits. Those are great odds if you're trying to show a potential employer, colleague, friend, or date why you're exactly the right person for them.
The way you think about things makes you an Information Organizer. This means you have an eye for detail. You can scan a page and find the one mistake on it. You're also able to organize things in a way that makes sense and arrange information so that it is easier to understand. This makes you a very valuable resource for others who aren't organized or who have trouble catching their own mistakes. It's often difficult for traditional intelligence tests to pick up your particular set of abilities because the talent of organizing information and spotting inconsistencies is much harder to measure than other abilities.
How did we determine that your thinking style is that of an Information Organizer? When we examined your test results further, we analyzed how you scored on 8 dimensions of intelligence: spatial, organizational, abstract reasoning, logical, mechanical, verbal, visual and numerical. The 3 dimensions you scored highest on combine to make you an Information Organizer. Only 6 out of 1,000 people have this rare combination of abilities.
Holy smokes, you've got X-RAYVISION! Your answers show a keen sense of insight, coupled with a piercing mind. Okay, so you may not be able to see through brick walls — not yet, anyway. But you probably enjoy looking beneath the surface of things and reading between the lines. Your X-ray vision lets you see things others can't, making you good at reading people's motivations, solving mysteries of all kinds, or maybe just finding misplaced car keys. You've got the gift, so if you haven't started using it, it's high time you did. Just think of the benefits: You could really start undressing people with your eyes. Winning lottery tickets and grand prize soda-bottle caps will be effortlessly revealed to you. So start practicing! All superheroes know that developing your powers begins with mental training. To start honing your X-ray vision, try looking for the hidden meaning in things. Read old English poetry. Do crossword puzzles. Think metaphorically. Once you've trained your mind, you'll be ready to instruct the eyes. Start with gauzey fabrics, then move on to semi-transparent glass. Keep at it, and you'll be seeing through concrete slabs in no time. Good luck!
Vlad, you're likely to find fame and fortune in the Scientific World Talk about inventive! You're one of those people who has a special way of seeing a problem, wrapping your head around it, and squeezing out a solution that's nothing but pure genius. So what if you never won at the science fair (but congrats if you did). The fact is, you have a mind made for experimenting. You enjoy a mental challenge and like creating — whether it's a new invention for the sake of invention or something that solves people's more immediate problems.
Don't have crazy hair like Einstein? Don't know a Bunsen burner from a test tube? No sweat. Maybe you'll discover a cure for cancer. Maybe you'll be the first human to set foot on Mars. Or maybe you'll figure out how to safely make landfills evaporate.
Whatever you do, with a brain like yours, you're bound for scientific greatness. So get going! Fame and fortune await! The world's still waiting for someone to create that triple-chocolate, fudge, ice cream cake with zero calories! Or shoelaces that don't fray at the ends, or headphones that automatically adjust for outside noise factors, or rainproof-breathable fleece, or...
Vlad, your true talent is abstract reasoning Your ability to look at information abstractly means you have a rich imagination. You're one of those rare people who can mix two unrelated ideas together to come up with a great new one. Most people aren't as skillful as you are at applying knowledge outside of its usual context.
How do we know that's your true talent? While you were taking the test, we calculated your responses to each test question and rated your skills in 5 areas. You scored highest on abstract reasoning.
Your combination of strategic thinking and creativity can be an incredible value in both business and social environments.
And that's just a small part of what we know about you from your test results. You also have other hidden talents that can have a dramatic effect on your career, your life and how other people see you.