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Wounded in more ways than one.
Zero guilt. Superficial care. Jolly-jolly going about your day as if nothing happened. Having fun with friends. Idly chit chatting, laughing.
No remorse for deeds. As if nothing ever happened.
No more hope. No more chances.

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This is for that special someone with the most awesome boobs in world.

Friday, June 24, 2011

This evening, a kid discovered the true power behind Newton's second law. Force is mass times acceleration. Two bikers heading straight for each other add up both accelerations when calculating impact force, therefore it's not a good time to play "chicken" and forget to bail out in front of the heavier biker. Quite simply, the biker that is half the mass of the other will receive twice the impact force. Psyched.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

What I Like and Dislike About Going to Work on My Bike


- the feeling of freedom
- the cool speed, totally self-powered
- the breeze on my face
- the feeling you get that you're Daddy McAwesome when dashing through crowds and cars


- bad sidewalks
- construction workers
- people blissfully ignorant of bike lanes
- tall and square sidewalk edges
- speed bumps (seriously... i'm not in any danger of breaking the speed limit yet every time i cross a speed bump my backpack - and indeed, my entire back - just lurches into the air)
- the annoying and ever-present sore butt (actually it's the insides of the thighs)

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Wait, WHAT?

Even stranger, if you just can't get over the weirdness of planning for sex and you don't manage to do it spontaneously all that often, one study suggested it's better for your relationship if you just abstain completely. It turns out that hanky-panky doesn't just keep the romance humming, it also does a number on your hormones. Having sex at regular intervals regulates estrogen, promoting a woman's well-being and staving off depression, bone loss and heart disease. Muck that schedule up with sporadic jaunts in the sack, and lady hormones can't find their regular rhythm, resulting in mood swings and irritability.

Read more: The 5 Least Romantic Keys to a Happy Relationship | Cracked.com http://www.cracked.com/article_19230_the-5-least-romantic-keys-to-happy-relationship_p2.html#ixzz1OlsRGOjc

I Love Cracked.com

In other words, uglier husbands had nicer wives. Why? Researchers speculated that "attractive men have available to them more short-term mating opportunities which may make them less satisfied and less committed to maintain the marital relationship through their behavior." Soooo, hotter guys resent their ugly wives because they're horny dicks? Meanwhile, women are apparently less concerned about appearance, so the only time attractiveness matters is when their bastard husbands resent them for not being hot? Is that what you're saying, science?

Read more: The 5 Least Romantic Keys to a Happy Relationship | Cracked.com http://www.cracked.com/article_19230_the-5-least-romantic-keys-to-happy-relationship.html#ixzz1OlrLdsub

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Laura Francesca

Check out talented youtuber and viral video actress Laura Francesca at her youtube channel:
Her viral video CV is impressive to say the least, but she's got brains and personality to back up her appearance.

Lady Gaga: Bad Romance parody (feat. Lord Gaga) #6

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Last nite's bad dream included the shocking realization that my folks had used up most of my extra-virg olive oil.

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I need a psychiatrist.

Silly is what silly does

And that was a pretty silly reason for all this :p. And if that was a proof of lack of care, if that was me doing something that hurts someone else, then I'm rather fortunate I didn't get to the more serious stuff.
I don't deserve to be around someone who won't let me be myself - and who claim to get hurt by me doing what I want. If people can't tell when something is serious or offensive, then they don't know me - and certainly I'm in no way going to let myself be forced to make decisions that aren't me to satiate somebody's vulnerable, silly ego. Or to make a decision that isn't even on the table, that doesn't exist, that was just invented and planted there for dramatic effect.
People give you ultimatums in serious moments, when there is a serious mess-up and two very real choices are in front of you: A or B. Especially when A or B are mutually exclusive. But when option B is not even a serious threat to A, when it's not even a choice, just a momentary dilemma, a silly mundane issue, I won't be drawn into a forced issue just because option A was invented on the spot. Taking something that's a non-issue and making it an issue just for selfish reasons isn't right.
I am selfish, yes. I have many flaws. If I hurt someone, I'm sorry for doing it. If someone else is hurt because they don't like who I am, they don't understand me or know me, how can I even bear the responsibility? 
If there's one thing I can and always will be, it will be myself. If that's not enough, I'm sorry. I'm sorry for any pain I cause, and I'm sorry for everything else.
But I can't be anything but myself.

Meredith Brooks - Bitch

Queen - i want to break free (high definition) + Download link

Last nite's repertoire: B52, Chat Noir, Kulturhaus and finally, Club A.
Last nite's playlist highlights: Tanya's "Rudeboy", Annouk "Nobody's Wife", OCS "Oda", Queen "I want to break free"...

Saturday, April 23, 2011

End of chapter.
What now?
Well...begin new one, of course :D

The Earth

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Jurassic Park - The Making Of Part 1

John William's work is always stunningly beautiful. So peaceful for this movie - and yet it fits so well!
Other people wanna try you girl, and I hope you tell them where to go [...] \:D/

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Chicks playing instruments ARE HAWT

Sunt arogant.
Sunt orgolios.
Sunt secretos.
Sunt nedrept.
Sunt nepasator.
Sunt rece.
Sunt deloc amuzant.
Sunt suparacios.
Sunt egoist.
Sunt gelos.
Sunt ingrozitor.
Sunt idiot.
Sunt eu.

Used Cars Poster FAIL

Seriously. Second hand cars are nothing like women.

Macar de ziua mea

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I've been selfish.

Paolo Nutini - 10/10

Paolo Nutini - T in the Park 2009 - 'High Hopes'



Haha Pastor Claims Bieber is a Biblical Sinner

Turns out there's a passage in the King James Bible that forbids Justin Bieber.
Ok, maybe not Justin Bieber altogether, but his effeminate appearance.
I'm sort of confused whether or not to be indifferent to this, defend Bieber or cheer for the pastor. I have no love for Bieber and his work and yet i can't help feeling how misguided the pastor is citing "they" are forcefully pumping effeminate images into our collective mind - he even goes on to rant against homosexuality, metrosexuality basing his judgement on the teachings of a book that's failing because it's no longer relevant. I don't think his questionable sexuality is Bieber's biggest problem for society.

Jared Leto / Kurt Cobain

On the 17th anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death, Jared Leto posted a video of his personal tribute and interpretation of Kurt made for a film celebrating his life. This tape however never even reached a producer's desk.

Plumpy Natalie

My, Natalie's getting plump what with the pregnancy and all. And she's quit being vegan during her pregnancy. She's still gorgeous though - fluffier contour included!

pic source: www.thesuperficial.com

The usual post-anti-porn law jack off

So check it out. This guy, an Indonesian MP, after vocally supporting anti-porn laws that forbid anything from public kissing to storing porn... *Drumroll* was caught WATCHING PORN on his tablet *during* a session of Parliament. As if politicians everywhere needed another spokesperson for hypocrisy.
On the plus side, he did resign his position after the incident - and he claims he was not forced or coerced into this decision.

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I'm so goddamn sick.
Here I am at 20:30 alone at work, fever-induced tears in my eyes, struggling with shivers and goosebumps and having a burning sensation in my body. I feel like the pressure inside my skull is superhuman - my left eye twitches and aches with pressure, and it's as red as a laigrek's eye.
What kind of a cold is this? What the heck am I still doing at work?
Frak this. I'm leaving.

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Stop calling

Duffy - Mercy

The Gamers (Part 1 of 5)

Hey, I've got a big sense of humor

Hey I never said I'm a particularly hot or good looking guy :)
It's like that everytime - a stage fright regarding the opposite sex.
Sure she might be hot - but I've got lots of qualities.
I can imitate Chewbacca.
And Yoda :))
I can cook. And damn good too - check out my food blog btw!
I'm pretty funny. I've got lots of that sense of humor thing ladies seem to like so much in their ladies' polls.
So what's the matter with me?

Friday I'm In Love

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New research from the University of Austin, Texas suggests that men are more likely to continue dating a girl they've caught cheating on him with another girl rather than with another man.
I kept thinking about that and the ramifications of it and so far i've come to the conclusion that men are probably to distracted fapping to actually break up with them.
On a more serious, note, if you do catch your girl with another girl in bed and of course she hasn't told you of that possibility beforehand, then it's still a lie and totally not cool.
Unless, it's your girlfriend with an ex. That could be a bit mind boggling - too much to take in at a quick glance.

Ok maybe not fapping on every occasion if that happens - i mean, it's unlikely your girlfriend (and by your, i mean mine of course :)) ) will look like a cross between tia tequila and sofia vergara making out with vanessa hudgens :-?

Batman The Next

In other news, I just found out Anne Hathaway is going to play Selina Kyle ( Catwoman for nerds) in the upcoming Batman movie.
Good choice? Bad choice? I don't know. She looks too much like a good girl - but hey, that could play out well enough for the part.
Tom Hardy - for anyone remembering him in Star Trek Nemesis and more recently, Inception, is going to play Bane - the villain made infamous by being the only dude with enough of an umpphh to break Batman's back.
Which is probably what we're going to see in the movie too.

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 VoilĂ ! In view, a humble vaudevillian veteran, cast vicariously as both victim and villain by the vicissitudes of Fate. This visage, no mere veneer of vanity, is a vestige of the vox populi, now vacant, vanished. However, this valorous visitation of a by-gone vexation, stands vivified and has vowed to vanquish these venal and virulent vermin vanguarding vice and vouchsafing the violently vicious and voracious violation of volition!

The only verdict is vengeance; a vendetta, held as a votive, not in vain, for the value and veracity of such shall one day vindicate the vigilant and the virtuous.
Verily, this vichyssoise of verbiage veers most verbose, so let me simply add that it's my very good honor to meet you and you may call me V.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

House: "She was mad because she's genetically programmed to make a big deal out of little thing."
Little Girl: "So she's mad because she's a girl?"

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A man is only as faithful as his options.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Just finishing up my portfolio for the UK application. Heh you know what? It's not that bad :D

Monday, January 31, 2011

Sometimes i really wish money wasn't an issue. I'm not a material person, or i'd like to think i'm not someone who's focused on the material aspects of life.
I go broke for what i love, because it's just money, just things.
But if money wasn't an issue...than the whole application and studying in the UK would have all the more chances to succeed.

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Wait in fire

there's the moon asking to stay
long enough for the clouds to fly me away
well it's my time coming, i'm not afraid to die
my fading voice sings of love,
but she cries to the clicking of time
oh, time

wait in the fire...

and she weeps on my arm
walking to the bright lights in sorrow
oh drink a bit of wine we both might go tomorrow
oh my love

and the rain is falling and i believe
my time has come
it reminds me of the pain
i might leave
leave behind

wait in the fire...

and i feel them drown my name
so easy to know and forget with this kiss
i'm not afraid to go but it goes so slow
Nobody says there's a way out. Nobody says there's anything left to say. Nobody says I've got anything more to say. Nobody says it's all about what others think I should do. I've went and spent my words, all for naught.
No, I don't.
"Love anger depression joy and dreams, and zeppelin. Totally."

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Who ever knew you could a ground-breaking scientist and get all the chicks :))

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