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New research from the University of Austin, Texas suggests that men are more likely to continue dating a girl they've caught cheating on him with another girl rather than with another man.
I kept thinking about that and the ramifications of it and so far i've come to the conclusion that men are probably to distracted fapping to actually break up with them.
On a more serious, note, if you do catch your girl with another girl in bed and of course she hasn't told you of that possibility beforehand, then it's still a lie and totally not cool.
Unless, it's your girlfriend with an ex. That could be a bit mind boggling - too much to take in at a quick glance.

Ok maybe not fapping on every occasion if that happens - i mean, it's unlikely your girlfriend (and by your, i mean mine of course :)) ) will look like a cross between tia tequila and sofia vergara making out with vanessa hudgens :-?

Batman The Next

In other news, I just found out Anne Hathaway is going to play Selina Kyle ( Catwoman for nerds) in the upcoming Batman movie.
Good choice? Bad choice? I don't know. She looks too much like a good girl - but hey, that could play out well enough for the part.
Tom Hardy - for anyone remembering him in Star Trek Nemesis and more recently, Inception, is going to play Bane - the villain made infamous by being the only dude with enough of an umpphh to break Batman's back.
Which is probably what we're going to see in the movie too.

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