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Cold, cold shower

I love the feeling of cold water running down my body.

You'll be a bitch because you can

When electing a DM, it is important to consider a few key points.  Are they organized? Do they have the extra time that running a campaign takes?  Are they easily angered or still nursing a grudge for that incident in the second grade involving that wedgie that went terribly, terribly wrong? 
For all intents and purposes you might as well just call them “god” and get it over with. They hold the lives of your beloved characters in the palm of their pizza scented hand, and they can as cruel and fickle as any ancient and omniscient creature you have ever imagined.
It is the DM’s role to narrate the story, bring to life any of the monsters or personalities your  PCs. (player characters) may meet and roll the dice to determine the fates of you and your party members. Many a player has been reduced to tearfully chugging their Mountain Dew while listening to the sound of dice being thrown as their DM asks “Just how many hit points did you have before you entered the room?”
They are the score keeper, the referee and sometimes a living Deus ex machina. Keep them well fed, do not question them without reason, and never, ever take their last slice of pizza.  Your PC will pay a terrible price.

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